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在英中国留学生借酱油遭拒 挥刀捅伤同学

作者:沪江英语    文章来源:daily mail    点击数:    更新时间:2013-5-22 【我来说两句

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     在英中国留学生借酱油遭拒 挥刀捅伤同学

  A pupil at a £24,000-a-year boarding school has been jailed after stabbing another student twice in a row over soy sauce. Minheng He, a boarder at Langley School in Loddon, Norfolk, attacked the boy last October, inflicting serious wounds to his elbow and shoulder which caused him to lose two pints of blood.

He, 17 at the time but now 18, was locked up at Norwich Crown Court yesterday after admitting wounding with intent. Judge Nicholas Coleman gave the Chinese thug four years in a young offenders' institute.

The judge said He had carried out a 'serious pre-meditated' attack on an 'innocent unarmed victim' whose injuries were 'appalling'. Judge Coleman said: 'You armed yourself with a knife. This was a revenge attack - it was planned out of revenge.
法官称何某蓄谋袭击这名徒手的无辜受害者,伤者伤势比较严重。法官科尔曼说:“ 你身上带着刀,这是报复——出于报复而策划了该袭击?!?/FONT>

Andrew Shaw, prosecuting, said the victim, who was not named, was preparing a meal with a fellow student at the school at about 7.30pm last October 7. Mr Shaw said He went in and 'wanted to borrow some Soy sauce which was refused'.

The victim then asked He how much he was going to pay for it. The boy meant it as a joke but the Chinese student was not amused and the two boys exchanged angry words. Shocked eye-witnesses heard He tell his victim to 'wait where he was' before he ran off upstairs.


But nothing happened until He stormed into the boy's room at about 10.30pm that night as he did his homework. The victim asked him to leave three times. Mr Shaw said: 'The next thing He advanced quickly towards him with something in his hand. 'The victim then 'backed himself in towards the corner of the room where the defendant stabbed him'.

Mr Shaw said the terrified teenager 'turned his back and raised his arm to try and defend himself' and managed to push He away.But he had already been knifed in his left arm and shoulder. He was later seen nearby 'shouting and screaming'.The agitated yob was breathing heavily and holding a knife with blood on the handle. He was also heard to say 'I don't care any more'.

Mr Shaw said the fact the stabbing happened three hours after the soy sauce bust-up was crucial as it 'shows an element of pre-meditation'. Staff dashed to the scene and He told one teacher he had acted because his target had insulted his mum.

The knifeman, who injured his own hand in the attack, was driven to hospital by a teacher to get treatment. The victim was also taken to hospital and received emergency treatment for two stab wounds that went all the way to the bone in his left shoulder and left elbow. He lost two pints of blood in the savage assault.

Jonathan Goodman, defending, said He should be given credit for his guilty plea and was of 'hitherto good character'.Mr Goodman said the 'gifted mathematician' had gone to Norfolk to learn English.

Mr Goodman said this meant that He, who found out his mother had ovarian cancer when he returned to China for his holidays, was left 'isolated, alone and vulnerable'. He said he was 'extraordinarily remorseful' and is 'simply stunned by his own actions and what he did'. Judge Coleman told He he must serve half his sentence before being released on licence.

Langley is a co-educational day and boarding school.The highly-rated school charges £8,100-a-term and £3,985 day fees. It has 729 pupils, 429 boys and 300 girls made up of 648 day students and 81 boarders.


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