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Hot majors that pay off

Data released by MyCOS Research Institute indicate that petroleum engineering, mining engineering and engineering geology are among the most promising college majors of 2013 in terms of finding a job. Although reasons vary, students in some majors effortlessly adapted to the tough job market this year.


Wang Anmin, 23, is a petroleum engineering major at China University of Petroleum, Beijing. He started job hunting in late September and signed a work contract with China National Offshore Oil Corporation on National Day.


Finding a job isn’t difficult for students in petroleum engineering. Wang estimates that his class has an employment rate of more than 95 percent.


A major reason for this high success rate is the situation of the Chinese oil industry. “It faces an increasing number of problems. For instance, having passed their peak, most oil fields now need well-educated professionals to carry out secondary or even tertiary recovery, ” says Wang Lin, deputy secretary of the Party committee at the School of Petroleum Engineering at China University of Petroleum, Beijing.


Other than needing additional talents to tackle existing problems, the geology industry has a huge demand for graduates because it’s one of the focuses of the Chinese government. As Liu Junjie, student supervisor in the Department of Geology at Northwest University in Xi’an, explains, China has a high demand for natural resources, which means engineering geology graduates are needed for geological exploration.


Liao Wenchun, 22, is studying engineering geology at Northwest University and will work for China JK Institute of Engineering Investigation and Design after he graduates. “I signed the work contract in the first semester of my final year. Most of my classmates are focusing on their graduation projects as many of them found a job around the same time as me, ” he said.


Besides good employment prospects, students in engineering geology have many opportunities to go on field trips, which equips them with practical knowledge.


“We went on field trips during every summer vacation. In the first year we went to Qinhuangdao, in the second to Chaohu Lake, both in Hebei province, each time for 20 days. In the third year, we went on a half-month trip to Shaanxi province, where we visited many places, from Yan’an to the Qinling Mountains, ” Liao said.


“Nowadays employers prefer graduates with practical knowledge, because they settle down quickly in the work environment, ” said Teng Heyuan, deputy secretary of the Party committee in the Department of Audiology at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. Her students are usually approached by employers in their junior year because they are trained to do practical work. Half of their time at university is spent in laboratories or hospitals.


“With China’s rapidly aging population, audiology is becoming a very important part of the national health sector. Considering that audiology is a relatively new subject, there is great demand for our graduates in the job market, ” Teng said.



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