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An old Chinese saying goes something like this: "The Emperor's daughter does not have to worry about finding a husband." It means that it should be easy for an educated woman to find a husband. But Gao Haibo, a promising director from Beijing Film Academy, is taking another look at the truth of this saying at the People's Liberation Army Theater.

Gao has some novel suggestions about how women should treat their men.


His latest comedy, Look for Men as Pets, sketches out a woman's wacky love story, revealing office women to be under exceeding pressure in today's society, looking for Mr Right.

Xu Ge, in her 30s, encounters the devil when rehearsing her romantic drama, Prince and Princess. The fiend doesn't believe in true love and always tries to wreck things, including Xu's drama.

Xu is desperate until she meets Deven, the devil's pet, who is sympathetic to her moving story and joins the rehearsals.

Gao says these office women know how to do their job and make money but are unsuccessful when it comes to marriage.

In the play, Xu has a dream that men are pets or animals and women are happy owning them.

The men, in various pet costumes, respond in the same way.

For example, Gao says some men are hippopotami, they eat everything, are loud and aggressive and monogamous.

Some men are turtles, slow, methodical, boring, but basically content with their lot in life. They may stray but can easily be lured back with the promise of something to eat.

Some men are dogs, seeking protection from the unknown, loyal to their owners.

Other analogies made with men include rabbits, parrots and giraffes.

The director offers his solution to women.

"Expectation brings disappointment, release yourself from your dreams of men as protectors from death. You will still have their companionship and protection."

Nov 2-11, 60 Deshengmen Neidajie, Jishuitan, Xicheng district, 5129-0082


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